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DIABETES | The Myth about Blood Sugars and Diabetes | My mid-September Update

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If you missed my previous post then please click HERE to see that, before you continue reading my update below.

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I also wanted to share this with you.

I just found this video by Dr Eric Berg, explaining how blood sugars work in the body. It's an excellent and very easy to understand explanation which breaks down exactly how the whole process works. He also mentions foods that are good for us people who are working on controlling our glucose levels. 

I highly recommend you watch this video if you'd like to understand more about how our bodies work in regards to sugars, what all the hormonal names and processes are, and what role fat plays in all of this, and a few other things he explains as well.  

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(You can click on the video title above to go straight to the video on YouTube)

Mid-September Update
After a month of being on this life changing journey, which started out excellently, things have now been going slightly downhill for the last week or so. I  had managed to get my glucose levels down to very normal and healthy levels, (mostly between 4.7 and 5.0, although I wasn't doing daily readings), and I was starting to feel brilliant. Slowly, about a week ago or so, I began to reintroduce some carbs to see how they affected my readings, and my levels have started elevating again. Not dangerously, but to me, a rise in my case, isn't a good thing in the grand scheme of things, and, I haven't been feeling too great either. 

I'm an extremely sensitive person in every possible way - emotionally and physically. Even the slightest bit of worry or stress, and I'm in panic mode, and even slightest sign of ill health, and I can feel very ill. I very rarely look ill, but that's another story. Yesterday I felt dizzy and 'clouded' all day - which made me want to take a reading. I also had a birthday party/dinner to go to in the evening, and I knew I needed to organize my meals during the day in such a way, so that I could make allowances for later on. In the end I felt so dizzy that I had to cancel. By the evening, I also felt depressed. Feeling lonely didn't help. I ended up crying my eyes out for most of the evening, until I eventually fell asleep.  Yes, diabetes or elevated sugar levels can make us depressed and/or temperamental. It's one of the 'symptoms' that not many people seem to know about.

It's not easy for me to share this, but I think I should. I'm not here to sugar-coat this as something trivial. I want to keep this as real as possible. It's not common place to feel the symptoms of diabetes as a prediabetic, but like I said, I am very sensitive, which is both a blessing and a curse in one. Although that said, after having connected with many people who have diabetes in their family, but aren't diabetic themselves, I have discovered that like myself, people seem to be getting what look like diabetes symptoms, without actually being diabetic or prediabetic. I wonder if maybe it's our body telling us that it's not happy with what we're doing to it, before a real problem emerges. 
Note to self: I must do some research on that to find out what that's all about!

For the last few days, I have also been fighting hunger. I am hoping that all this is just me PMS-ing, but since my sugar readings are rising, and a side effect of that can be constant thirst, as well as hunger and feeling down, I can't be sure what it is that has been making me feel sad and hungry these last few days. My Fasting sugars when I got up today was 5.5, which (in Europe at least), is considered only one point away from the highest it can be for that reading to be considered normal. 5.7 is a prediabetic reading, which means Borderline Diabetes / the very early stages of Stage-1 Type-2 Diabetes.

I also found this interesting A1C to Blood Glucose Conversation table here
This should clarify any confusion about the type of measurement being used, but is not to be confused with measurements in mg/dl and mmol/l.

I'm not sure if this rise in my numbers yesterday and today, are due to the reintroduction of carbs in my diet, (even if a much smaller quantity than I used to eat before my diagnosis), or if it's stress. My weight hasn't gone up, but it's still early days to know if I will have a significant weight change or not by the end of this month. I have set myself monthly goals, although I monitor it more frequently than that. I hope I don't put any weight back on, but weight isn't the thing that gets me excited. It's seeing a completely healthy and normal glucose reading that gets me excited. Especially after fasting.

I don't get very personal on my fashion blog, but I think it's necessary on this blog, since sugar levels can influence our emotions. I just wish I knew if it was my sugars or my circumstances that are making me feel kind of down right now. I'm job hunting again, and so far, all I have found are employers offering unfair and abusive terms. I turned down a job offer earlier this week, which had been dragging out for months. Long story short, it was going to be three jobs in one, but I was only going to get paid for one of those three jobs. It was all on a part time contract, with no pay for overtime, so the pay was always going to be awful no matter what, and on top of that, the boss seemed like a nightmare to deal with. He always gave me a bad vibe, and in the end he said some really out of order things, called me repeatedly one time at an inappropriate time in the evening/night to arrange yet another interview, and also kept going back on his word about things like pay. I could only imagine him being even worse if I took the job, and I wasn't going to tolerate that. After months, and an endless amount of interviews, and a couple of anxiety dreams that were waking me up at night, I turned the job down, and the anxiety dreams stopped. I've seen better job offers since, but still nothing that feels quite right. They're all evening classes, which if you break the pay down per hour, it's dreadful pay. Not to mention that a timetable like that will only play havoc with my diet and sleeping pattern, leading back to unhealthy meals and general chaos.

With the fear I feel right now of becoming a full blown diabetic and all the complications that that can lead to, I'm not willing to compromise my health for a job. It would have to be a very last resort choice, between nothing, or at least something, for me to accept a job like that. I am clinging on to hope that I can get something decent from 9-5 teaching at an actual school instead of an academy, since it's only the start of the school year, and in Madrid a lot of things are decided last minute. But it's just hope that is stopping me from really plummeting into a full fledged panic attack over here.

Anyway, I appologise if this post is depressing to anybody. I am going to go for a walk now, and to top up on some healthy goodies! Fingers crossed some fresh air will do me good, as well as the exercise. I'm going to go back to cutting out carbs as drastically as I did in August to see if my readings go down to healthier ones and are no longer so close to unhealthier readings! 

Remember, all comments and suggestions are welcome if you have any.


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